Its nice to be at home for the next week and a half. Kraft was an amazing experience for me in patience! I hit the ball very well all week but didn’t score and as we all know that happens a lot in the great game of golf!

On Monday morning I participated in the Betty Ford Proam and I got to play with the 42nd vice president of the USA – Dan Quayle. What an experience!! He actually resides in Scottsdale so hopefully we will get out and play again.

After the proam I drove back to Chandler to make it in time for my hockey league championship game. In previous years I have been absent for the last game and we have finished second!! Not this year, we dominated the game and finally won the championship! All that hard work all year for a beer mug!!! I think for our team it was more about pride! Last year we lost after having a 4 goal lead. We had a great time skating with each other. Now we have a few months off till we start all over again.