Moving forward this week. The last two weeks have been tough. First, Hawaii was very windy 
everyday no matter what time of the day it was. Made for challenging shots and decision making. 
I was happy with my play overall. Played the best on Sunday and that's really all you can ask 
I have had a better start to this year but it has gotten me thinking about results again. 
Gotta celebrate the little victories and get back into the process and being patient!
Last week in San Fran I wanted to play well on that tough course Lake Merced. Had great 
practice rounds. Was all ready to go and then I just didn't focus on the present and being into 
one shot at a time. Results based thinking tanked me and my score. Enough of that as its 
messing with my tempo. I'm too tense and rigid with everything when it comes to playing the 
tournament. It's been a learning experience. 
My process goal this week for the North Texas Shootout: is to always be aware of my tension 
levels and get into being in the present of one shot at a time and more precisely. Where do I 
want the ball to go. 
And all I'm really doing is relaxing my arms. It has made a world of difference in every part 
of my game!