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I just got back from an amazing weekend in Vegas. Played a little golf and a lot of hockey. Too much actually: 5 games in 3 days is way too many for me. Must be getting old! We had an excellent team both on and off the ice. Saturday late afternoon/evening was full of footballs, laughs and silliness. We still had to play a hockey game that night, our goalie was a little under the weather and didn’t play. So, one of our defenseman suited up and did an amazing job. Suprisingly, we won the game and off to the championships we went. Unfortunately, we lost the championship game after being undefeated in the round robin play. I think it was a little draining playing 5 games and obviously too much drinking all weekend long but I bet no one would change a thing!!

I’m back into the full swing of things. Playing and practicing everyday and squeezing in workouts when I can. I don’t start my LPGA season until March 15th. Plenty of time to get ready but in the mean time I will play some Grasshopper Tour events.