IMG_2691Many of you may have seen my tweets about having a little more perspective lately and the hashtag of TeamErin.  I have been waiting till this week to write a blog about what has been going on.

In my rookie year of 2006, I applied for housing in Toledo. I was fortunate enough to get the Lynch family.  They have become my second set of parents and have become great friends with my family.  The Lynch’s are special people who give everything they have to support their kids, and I consider myself one of their kids.  The family has been involved with the LPGA event in Toledo for over 10 years.  Andrew, their son, has caddied in the event several times, and their daughter, Erin, has been my standard bearer every year.

Over the years we have become very close.  They have visited me in Arizona, travelled to other LPGA events and participated in and volunteered in the two charity events I helped organize.  I view Andrew and Erin as siblings.  I have seen them grow up over the last 10 years.  They are truly great kids who have always been there to support my golf which I think is awesome.  Erin has been kind enough to let me have her room every time I come to Toledo.  Last year the family took care of my dogs Chandler and Porter while I traveled to England and a few other events that were too long of a drive. Needless to say, I am very grateful to have the Lynch family in my life.

Over a month and a half ago, Erin got into a horrible car accident.  She suffered a serious brain injury and is still trying to recover from it as I write this blog.  The accident happened during the week of the Shoprite Classic.  I made it my mission to not get angry or upset about a bad golf shot or round, and always remember that golf is just a game to be enjoyed.  I can be pretty hard on myself and try way too hard out on the course.  My motto lately has been to ease up a bit and really enjoy playing golf for a living.  I have been playing with so much perspective.  I was very proud of how I played in Kitchener.  I gave myself a break and played in the present, and when things got tough, I just remembered how tough Erin had it, fighting for her life.

DCF 1.0We are here in Toledo this week and things just aren’t the same.  The house is quiet without Erin around. Andrew is off working in Connecticut ,and Ken and Tami are working hard to give Erin the best care they can.  It is now our turn to take care of Ken and Tami by making sure they have dinner after being at the hospital all day.  I sure am going to miss Erin out on the course this week. She could always make me laugh when my day wasn’t going well with her silly faces or sarcastic remarks.  I will be thinking about her as we walk the fairways at Highland Meadows.  Please keep her in your prayers.


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